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Перепланировка квартиры
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soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Authorization for replanning
Projection and Technical conclusion
Co-ordination with Mosenergo
Concordance of the building front elevations
BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory)
Property registration
soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Перепланировка квартиры

• Co-ordination with Mosenergo

Moszhilexpertise (Moscow housing expertise) will help You in finding rational solution of the basic power electricity supply questions:

  • concordance of the replacement of the electricity wiring and electrical appliances with Mosenergo

  • power electricity supply project;

  • getting authorization for the additional electrical power;

  • commission of the electricity supply network and getting subscriber’s documentation;

  • getting an Act of authorization for commission of electrical installation;

  • electricity supply meter replacement;

  • getting technical conditions for authorization of getting the additional electrical power;

The specialists of our company quickly and qualitatively will render You the following services of setting wiring, electric and replacement of the power supply:

1. Preparation of the project documentation of power supply either for living quarters or non-residential premises:

– wiring allocation schemes;

– schemes of illumination;

– schemes of electrical equipment;

– calculation of the necessary supply power.

2. Getting authorization for the additional electrical power in Moscow Cable network;

3. Getting technical conditions for authorization of getting the additional electrical power;

4. Concordance of the project of electricity supply with Government Electrical Services;

5. Commission of the electricity supply network:

Prudential way to the electricity supply is your security blanket!

Power supply of either living quarters or non-residential premises, wiring.

While making choice of electrical equipment in the premises (flats, apartments, office, industrial project) it is important to know about its possibilities of setting, which is defined as a total power consumption of set electricity equipment.

For example, according to the technical registration certificate only refrigerate and washing-machine in the middle family consumed more than stated rate. But if there are a dish-washing machine, a conditioner, a jacuzzi. All this may cause ignition of electricity wiring, so to prevent such consequences you have to take several measures named in laws and by-laws of Russian Federation.

For saving your time just call us, and we responsibly and in reasonable terms will solve your problems.

Перепланировка квартиры

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