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soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Authorization for replanning
Projection and Technical conclusion
Co-ordination with Mosenergo
Concordance of the building front elevations
BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory)
Property registration
soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Перепланировка квартиры

• BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory)

Moszhilexpertise (Moscow housing expertise) is the end-to-end solution of the interrelated problems.

– inclusion of the replanning in the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) floor plan;

– getting BTI documentation before and after replanning in living quarters or non-residential premises is done (floor plan, explication, extract from technical certificate);

– corrective action in BTI floor plan of building front elevations;

– getting documents from BTI (floor plan, explication, extract from technical certificate, certificate of the value) for registration of alienation or leasing of non-residential premises;

– solving problems with BTI documentation.

Перепланировка квартиры

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