soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Перепланировка квартиры
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soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Authorization for replanning
Projection and Technical conclusion
Co-ordination with Mosenergo
Concordance of the building front elevations
BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory)
Property registration
soglasovanie pereplanirovki
Перепланировка квартиры

• Property registration

Moszhilexpertise (Moscow housing expertise) assist You in registration of the property according to the following reasons:

  • replanning of either living quarters or non-residential premises;
  • consolidation of the apartments;
  • change of the proprietor or his passport information;
  • succession rights legalization;
  • privatization, registration of the rights to living quarters in Partnership of real estate proprietors;
  • loss of the certificate;
  • replacement of old standard certificate;
  • getting certificate in state bodies even if there wasn’t at the moment of bargain was concluded.

According to the legislation of Russian Federation registration of all bargains with immovable property in state bodies is obligatory.

Only this fact may prove your rights to the real estate. Absence of such registration may cause an inefficiency of the bargain.

Moszhilexpertise (Moscow housing expertise) – effective assistance in registration of with real estate and bargains with it.

1. Expertise of documents on their conformity to the current legislation of Russian law and the provisions of Moscow by-laws.

2. Granting information about obstacles and assistance in push them aside.

3. Gathering documentation according to the requirements of Moscow Registration Committee.

4. Gathering documentation with further registration of the rights for the following bargains:

– purchase contract;

– exchange contract;

– shares allocation;

– simple contract made in writing;

– assignation contract;

– certificate of succession rights.

5. Apartments privatization.

6. Registration of propriety on the land.

7. Authorization of the:

– owner-occupied dwellings demolition;

– owner-occupied dwellings building.

8. Registration of the long-term and short-term lease contracts of the land (both for legal entities and natural persons) in Moscow.

9. Help in fulfillment of the necessary documents.

10. Check up of client’s documents on all stages in government bodies.

11. Getting of required legal documentary in Moscow Registration Committee.

Перепланировка квартиры

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